Understanding how your Investments are doing and tracking them over time gives a better understanding of your total net worth. Simplifi makes tracking your Investments a breeze by bringing your Holdings together into a simple-to-read view!

Note: We don't currently offer the ability to manage Investment Transactions.

Access Holdings

To access the Holdings page, hover over the panel on the left-hand side and select Investments. This page defaults to include all Investment Accounts, and displays your Total Market Value and Today's Change in the upper left corner:

To change the view, click the All Accounts drop-down in the upper left, uncheck any of the Accounts that you wish to remove, and then click Apply:

View Holdings Details

For more detailed information on a particular Holding, you can simply locate the Holding that you'd like to view and click on it! Here, you'll see more details for the Holding, including the Market Stats and a Breakdown by account:

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