If you've already started setting up Simplifi on the website, you know how easy it is to add your bank and other accounts to the program, so you can access your information wherever and whenever you want.  But did you know you can also add and edit accounts quickly and easily using the Simplifi Mobile App on your iPhone or Android device?  Here's how to do it:


Connect Your Bank Account

1. Once you're logged in, click the Menu icon (the three lines in the upper left corner).
2. Select Accounts.
3. Click the blue Plus (+) button near the bottom of the screen.
4. If your bank is already shown, you can click on the image to select it, or just begin typing the name of the account in the Search box to let Simplifi match it.

5. Enter the User ID and Password you use to sign into your bank's website and click Connect Bank.
6. Simplifi will locate the accounts associated with your username and password. A blue circle with a check mark will appear next to each account you want to add.
7.  Note:  To disregard any of the accounts, click on the check mark and select Ignore. Click Complete to continue.

The selected accounts should now show in your Accounts list.

Add Manual Account

If the bank you want to add is not listed, you can still add it manually.  

1. Click the Menu on the upper left, select Accounts, and tap the blue Plus (+) sign to bring up the Add Your Bank screen.
2. Click on the words Add Manually at the bottom of the screen, below the bank icons.
3. On the Add Manual Account screen, enter your Account Name and select the Account Type. Then click Continue.

The account should now show in your Accounts list. Since this is a manual account, the Transaction Activity will be blank. You can start adding transactions whenever you'd ready!

Note: If you can't connect with the bank you're looking for, or have other issues, don't worry!  Simplifi Support is just a click away, by selecting the blue Chat icon at the lower left of the web page, or choosing Help from the Menu dropdown on the Simplifi Mobile App home screen. Our helpful Simplifi Coaches will work with you to solve any problems you may encounter!

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