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How to Add an Asset Account
How to Add an Asset Account
Learn about adding your Assets in Simplifi
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One key component to correctly calculating your Net Worth is factoring in Assets. Assets are the things that you own that have monetary value, such as cars or homes. In Simplifi, Assets are tracked as Manual Accounts.

Add a Manual Asset Account

  1. From the Dashboard, click on the + ADD button in the upper left.

  2. Select Add manually.

  3. Enter an Account Name and select an Account Type.

  4. Enter the Value of your Asset.

  5. Click Continue when done.

Simplifi will add your new Asset Account to the Accounts List, as well as include the value in your Net Worth.

How Do I Update the Value of My Asset?

Since Asset Accounts are tracked manually in Simplifi, you'll need to update the value of the asset manually as well. You can do so by entering a new transaction in the account that accommodates the difference in value, or you can edit the "Opening Balance" transaction to change the total of that transaction to the current value.

Please be sure to check out our Support Article here for more details on adding and editing transactions in Simplifi.

If you experience any trouble with tracking your Assets in Simplifi, please don't hesitate to reach out to our amazing Support Team!

To learn about tracking Assets on the Simplifi Mobile App, please click here!

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