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How to Ignore Transactions from Reports and the Spending Plan
How to Ignore Transactions from Reports and the Spending Plan
Learn how to ignore transactions from Reports and the Spending Plan
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Need to exclude a specific transaction from your Reports or Spending Plan? No problem! Simplifi makes it a breeze to select only the transactions that you want to focus on and exclude the rest.


Please note that ignoring transactions from Reports will automatically ignore them from Watchlists as well.

  1. Hover over the panel on the left-hand side and select Transactions.

  2. Select the account where the transaction you'd like to ignore resides.

  3. Locate the transaction you'd like to ignore, hover over it, then click the three dots at the end of it.

  4. Select Ignore from Spending Plan or Ignore from reports, whichever applies.

While ignored transactions are not included in the calculations, they will still appear in the Transaction Activity of a Report. Still, Simplifi will show you which ones are being excluded by adding the Ignored icon (a grey eyeball with a line through it) to the left of the amount. That way, you can easily change whether or not to include the specific transaction!

Note: Transactions with a 'Transfer' Category, including "Credit Card Payment", will always be excluded from Reports, even if you select to include it. Please see here for more details on using Transfers in Simplifi.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I ignore part of a split transaction?

Currently, Simplifi only offers the ability to ignore an entire transaction from Reports and/or the Spending Plan, so you won't be able to ignore only part of a split transaction. If you'd like to see this ability added to Simplifi, please visit us in our Community and add your vote here!

Is there a way to filter transactions by 'Ignored' status?

Yes! You can use the Advanced Filter options to filter your transactions by 'Ignored' or 'Not Ignored' for both Reports and the Spending Plan.

Can you bulk ignore transactions?

The ability to bulk ignore transactions is not currently available in Simplifi. To vote on this ability, please do so in our Community here!

Why are some transactions automatically ignored from Reports and the Spending Plan?

Typically, 'Transfer' transactions, such as Credit Card Payments, will automatically be ignored from Reports and the Spending Plan, as these transactions are designed to be neutral and not count as an expense or income. More details on using Transfers can be found here.

Can you create 'Ignore' Rules, similar to Category and Payee Rules?

At this time, Simplifi does not allow the ability to create Rules for transactions to be automatically ignored from Reports or the Spending Plan. However, you can vote on this ability in our Community by clicking here!

To learn about Ignoring Transactions from Reports and the Spending Plan on the Simplifi Mobile App, please click here!

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