The Simplifi Mobile App gives you the freedom to see your finances at a glance on your iPhone or Android device. If you’ve used Simplifi on the web, you’ll find the Mobile App has a lot of familiar functions and a similar “look and feel.” This is especially true of the Mobile App’s Dashboard, the first screen that appears after you’ve logged into Simplifi on your phone.

Let’s begin by looking at four key elements on this screen: Dashboard Tiles, the Message area, the Menu, and your Profile:

Dashboard Tiles

Most of Simplifi’s functions can be accessed easily just by tapping on the Dashboard Tiles. At the top of the screen are the Account Summary tiles, which give you an overview of the status of your accounts, including Banking, Investments, and your Net Worth. Swipe left to view each of them, and then tap on each Tile to get more detailed information. If you have Messages, like system alerts or options to tag a new transaction as recurring, they’ll be displayed immediately below the Account Summaries. 


To drill down to get more information, and access other features of the program, tap on the Menu icon, and then tap again to display each function and its submenus.

Manage Your Account

The Settings option on the Menu list allows you to make changes to your transactions in four areas:

  1.  Set up or modify Recurring Transactions, like sources of income, or regular charges like monthly bills or subscriptions.
  2.  Add, edit, or delete Accounts, like checking accounts, credit cards, and investments.
  3.  Make or change Tags you can apply to income or expenses.
  4.  Create, modify, or delete transaction Categories.

Get Help

Select Help on the Menu list to connect with the Simplifi Coaches by chat or phone, to get help with immediately problems. From the Help section, you can also search and read helpful articles on how to use Simplifi, and even join our Simplifi online Community!


Tap the Profile icon at the upper right to make changes to your Simplifi account information, including your name, password, and biometrics. You can also use the Profile page to sign out of Simplifi if you need to disconnect.

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