When you’re thinking about making a purchase, it’s helpful to know just how much money you have left in your monthly budget before you take the plunge. The Simplifi Spending Plan does that for you! You can see exactly where you stand in your budget at any given time.

The Spending Plan can be accessed from the Dashboard of the Simplifi Mobile App, or from the Menu icon (three lines) in the upper left corner. To access the Spending Plan from the Dashboard, just scroll down until you see the Spending Plan widget, and click on it.

How Does it Work?

Simplifi creates a custom plan, based on your expected income and bills for the month, and shows you how much discretionary money you have left to spend.

The Spending Plan divides your monthly spending budget into four parts:

  1. Total to spend is the amount of money available to spend after subtracting your fixed expenses from your total expected income for each month.

  2. Planned spending is the amount you plan to spend on items that fluctuate each month, such as gas and groceries, as well as any other one-time expenses for the month.

  3. Other spending is an up-to-minute tally of the rest of your spending for the month, adjusted every time you update your financial activity in Simplifi.

  4. Available is the amount left to spend after you deduct the Planned Spending and Other Spending totals from the Total to spend amount.

Each of these sections, except Available, can be expanded to show which transactions are included in that section's total. If you need to adjust a transaction, simply select the transaction, make the adjustment(s), and click Save.

Total to Spend

Simplifi determines the Total to spend figure by deducting your expected Bills, Subscriptions, and Savings Goals contributions from your expected Income, and is updated with any additional deposits you receive throughout the month.

If you don't want to use Simplifi's calculations for your Income, Bills & Subscriptions, or Savings Goals totals, you can update each individual section with a custom amount.

  1. Click on the section you'd like to customize: Income, Bills & Subscriptions, or Savings Goals.

  2. Select Options in the upper right corner.

  3. Select Set custom.

  4. Enter the new amount and click Done.

  5. Click Set Amount to confirm.

Planned Spending

The Planned Spending area is where you'd budget for expenses that fluctuate each month, or for other one-time expenses that you're anticipating.

Once you think you've spent all you're going to spend for the month in each area, you can release the funds for that expense back to your Available funds by clicking the three dots to the upper right of the expense, and selecting Release Available for spending.

Other Spending

The Other spending area shows the rest of your spending for the month in each Category.

When you click on this section, Simplifi will bring up a graphic display of what you've spent so far that month, shown as a group of colorful Category bubbles. The bubbles can be clicked on to display all transactions for that Category.

You can make changes to any of the transactions displayed here by selecting the transaction, making the adjustment(s), and clicking Save.

To learn more about using the Spending Plan on the Simplifi Web App, please click here!

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