When you’re thinking about making a purchase – whether it’s just another café mocha or that new pair of shoes you’ve been promising yourself – it’s helpful to know just how much money you have left in your monthly budget before you take the plunge. The Simplifi Spending Plan does that for you!

Setting up your Spending Plan

Simplifi creates a custom plan based on your expected income and bills for the month and shows you how much discretionary money you have left at any point. The Spending Plan is broken down by Spendable Income, Bills and Subscriptions, and Spending Plan

  1. Spendable Income is the money you expect to receive regularly, like paychecks. This amount is determined by the recurring income transactions you’ve created and is updated with any additional deposits you receive throughout the month.
  2. Bills and Subscriptions are the expenses that happen on a regular reschedule like utility bills, digital services, and monthly fees. Simplifi uses the recurring bill and subscription transactions you’ve created to determine this amount. To learn more about recurring transactions, click here.
  3. Spending Plan is money available for discretionary spending, like groceries, movies, clothing, or hobbies. This is the amount remaining after deducting your Bill and Subscriptions from your Spendable Income. 

Each of these sections can be expanded to show which transactions are included in the section's total. 

Using the Simplifi Spending Plan

The Spending Plan can be accessed through the home screen of the Simplifi app or through the hamburger menu at the top left corner. To access through the home screen, just scroll down to until you see the Spending Plan Tile. You’ll see a summary of your spending activity for the current month.

On the left is a “Spending Wheel” that shows the total amount available for discretionary spending. The lighter color segment of the Wheel represents the amount you’ve already spent this month. It should match the amount shown on the right in the “You spent so far” box. The darker segment is the amount you have remaining. 

Tap on the arrow on the right of the Tile to bring up a graphic display of your spending for the month, shown as a group of colorful Category “bubbles” you can select to “drill down” on your spending patterns. Tap a Category to view a list of everything you’ve spend in this group for the month, broken down further by Subcategories. Tap again on any purchase to view or edit details about that transaction.

That’s all there is to it! With the Simplifi Spending Plan on your mobile device, you can manage your monthly purchases -- wherever you are, whenever you want – so you’ll always know exactly where you’ve spent your money, and how much you have left to spend!

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