You already know Simplifi can help you quickly and easily keep track of all your past transactions. But did you know that Simplifi lets you preview your future activity as well? Simplifi’s new Upcoming page shows you at a glance all your scheduled bill and income transactions for the next month. And you can drill down further, to view the details of any future transaction.

Simplifi’s Upcoming page has four sections:

  1. Coming Soon shows you what’s coming up in the next week.
  2. Coming Later lists your expected income and expenses for the next few weeks.
  3. Recently Posted displays transactions that have cleared in the past few days.
  4. There’s also a handy Monthly Calendar with the dates of your upcoming transactions already circled.

If you select a transaction, you'll be presented with the details of the recurring transaction. At the top, you’ll see a bar chart showing the last six months of recurring transactions for that payee, as well as the average amount of your charges or credits. Below is a preview of the next transaction in the series and a list of the previous transactions.

Managing upcoming transactions

Once you select an upcoming bill or income transaction, you'll be

  1. Click on the recurring transaction you'd like to manage.
  2. Click the three dots at the right to bring up a quick menu that lets you edit or delete a recurring reminder, or link a transaction to that reminder.
  3. Choose Delete Reminder to remove a single item from the series.
  4. Select Edit Reminder to make quick edits in the date or amount of a selected item in a series, or include or exclude it from your reports.

5. Click Link Transaction to match that recurring transaction to a downloaded transaction.

Edit Series

  1. Click on Edit Series at the top right to bring up a screen where you can edit details of the entire series, including the payee name, amount, frequency, date, account, and category. Click Update to save your changes.
  2. Click on the Advanced drop-down arrow to manage other details of the series. You can designate the recurring transaction as a bill or a subscription, exclude all occurrences from reports, assign tags, and set an end date for the series.
  3. You can also delete an entire series by clicking on the Trashcan icon at the lower left.

It's that simple!

With Simplifi’s new Upcoming section, you’ll always know what lies ahead in your financial future!

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