For Web: To start, you will need to follow the steps on how to create a manual account. Click here to see how to create a manual account.

How do I add holdings or cash to my account?

  1. Navigate to the Investment tab by moving your cursor to the menu, just to the left of the Dashboard and scroll down to Investments.

  2. While on the Investment tab, click on the blue Add button located towards the right side of the page.

  3. Once you click on the blue + Add button a screen will pop up allowing you to manually enter holding information or add cash to that investment account.

For Holdings:

  1. Enter the symbol or company name of the holding that you want to track.

  2. Enter the number of shares owned and prices per share. *Note: If you are not using a traded security, you will have to update price information manually. *

  3. Once you’ve added the number of shares, select which account the holding or cash is associated with.

  4. Now, click on Add Holding and you will see the holding or cash added to the account.

For Cash:

  1. Once you’ve clicked the + Add button, click on the Cash tab.

  2. Enter the total cash amount in the Total Cash amount field.

  3. Designate which account that the cash will go to by clicking the Choose an Account dropdown.

  4. Once you’ve entered in your cash amount, click on the blue Add Cash button on the bottom left side of the pop-up and voila, the cash balance is added to the account.

How do I edit a manually created security or Cash amount?

  1. While on the investment page, make sure that you’re on the account that has the security or the cash that you want to edit by clicking the Account dropdown on the top right of the screen, just above the holding information.

  2. Once one the desired account, move your mouse towards the right of the holding/cash amount that you want to edit until you see a dark gray pencil icon appear. Hover over the icon and click it.

  3. Once you’ve clicked the dark gray pencil icon, a pop-up window will appear. From here, you’ll be able to make the necessary changes to your holding/Cash amount.

For Mobile: To start, you will need to create a manual investment account. For the steps to create a manual account in the mobile app, click here!

How do I add my holdings or Cash?

Once you’ve added the type of investment account that you wanted to add, let’s get started on adding those holdings/ Cash amounts!

  1. On the top left side of the screen, click on the icon on the top left corner of the app. Once you do that. Navigate to the Investment tab.

  2. Once on the Investment screen, towards the top right of the screen, click Accounts.

  3. Now that you’re on the Account screen, click on the account that you want to add the holding/ cash to.

  4. From here, at the bottom of the page, click on the blue icon that says Add Holding or Cash.

  5. Here, you can add you holding information or toggle to cash and enter the cash amount to your account.

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