Having a clear breakdown of your finances can help prepare you for the future, and tracking your investments is a big part of that. You can have an extra sense of security by adding your investment and retirement accounts to Simplifi!

  • To learn how to connect your investment and retirement accounts in Simplifi, please click here.

  • If you'd like to manually track your investment accounts instead, please click here.

Once your investments accounts have been added, you'll be able to see them in your Accounts List.

Accessing your Investment Accounts

To view a specific account's holdings information, you can select the account directly from the Accounts List:

To view the holdings information for all of your Investment accounts, you can select Investments from the left-hand bar:

Once you’re in the Investments tab, you can also select to view a specific account's holdings by using the Account breakdown in the upper-left. For more details on accessing your holdings information in Simplifi, please be sure to check out our Support Article here.

Note: While Simplifi does not currently offer the ability to track investment transactions, you can view certain details of your holdings such as the Ticker Symbol, Number of Shares, Price per Share, and the Today's Change values.

News Feed

You'll also see a section in the Investments tab that shows news related to your current investments. You can customize the news that's shown by selecting an individual investment account from the Account breakdown in the upper-left, or you can view it for your entire portfolio by having All Accounts selected.

See something of interest in the News Feed? Great! You can click on it to view the details and the source of the information, as well as access various links and resources.

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn the answers to frequently asked questions for this topic!

How do my investment balances update?

As long as a valid ticker symbol is used for your investment holdings, they should update automatically according to the current market stats. You may also see a difference in the value displayed for an Investment Account versus your Investments Portfolio if the account is connected to the bank. Learn more here!

Can I manage my investment transactions?

With Early Access, you can now manage your investment transactions in Simplifi! This feature is still in the early stages, but you'll be able to access, create, and manage your individual investment transactions from the Investment Account directly. Please note that Investment Transactions do not interact with your Investments Portfolio or Account Balances in any way. You can find out more here!

How do I access my investment holdings?

You can access your investment holdings, as well as the details of your holdings, directly from the Investments section. Our Support Article here has more details!

How do I categorize a Transfer from a Checking to an Investment Account?

If you have Early Access enabled, you can perform Transfers to and from Investment Accounts just like any other Linked Transfer. However, if you're not using Early Access, and until Investment Transactions become available for everyone, we recommend using the Category of just "Transfer" for these items. Find out more here!

What are 'Balance' and 'Performance'?

With the Investing Balance Over Time feature, you can track the balances of your investments over time. With the Investing Performance Over Time feature, you can track the TWR and IRR of your investments. For more details on using Balance Over Time, please see our Support Article here; for more details on using Performance Over Time, please see our Support Article here.

To learn more about tracking Investments on the Simplifi Mobile App, please click here!

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