Having the ability to review your finances over a period of time is a great way to understand your spending habits and make plans for the future. Well, look no further!

In Simplifi's Reports section, you’ll be able to review your spending and income by a Payee’s name, Category, or even a Tag, as well as access your Monthly Summary. Reports are a great tool to help keep your finances under control!

How to Access Reports

To get to the Reports section, hover over the panel on the left-hand side and select Reports:

Using Filters

In your Reports, you'll have the ability to select what kind of historical information you want to review, as well as how you'd like it sorted, and using the different Filter options can help simplify your view.

With the Breakdown filter, you can select if you'd like your Report to be broken down by Payee, Category, Tag, or by nothing at all. With the Date Range option, you can select the date range by which you'd like to view your data. And with the available Filter options, you can refine your data even further.

Filtering Your Spending by Category Report to View Subcategories

You can also Filter the Spending by Category Report to easily view your Subcategories! To do so, you'll want to navigate to the Spending by Category Report, make sure that the Breakdown is 'By Category', and then select Filters.

Next, from the Categories tab in the Filters window, you can expand the primary Category options by clicking the little arrow to the left of the Category, which will then allow you to select the Subcategories that you'd like to view in your Report. Once done, click Apply, and voila!

Note: If you selected multiple Subcategories to filter your Report by, you can click on the primary Category from the graph to see the breakdown of each individual Subcategory.

Types of Reports

Simplifi offers a variety of Reports, depending on what you're looking for!

Spending Report

With the Spending Report, you’ll be able to see exactly where your money is going, and with the available Filter options, you can drill down into your spending even further.

Income Report

With the Income Report, you’ll have access to all of the same features as the Spending Report, but this Report will break down your income.

Net Income Report

With the Net Income Report, you can monitor your net income (income after expenses) from previous months, as well as see where you're at for the current month.

Savings Report

The Savings Report allows you to see how your savings grows over time!

Monthly Summary

Want to know what your finances look like at the end of the month? Well, look no further, and behold the Monthly Summary Report! Take a look at your top Categories and Payees for the month, as well as compare your total expenses and income from the previous month. You can also see the progress made towards your Goals!

Refund Tracker

For more details on using the Refund Tracker, please click here!

How to Ignore Accounts From Reports

Running Reports in Simplifi just got even easier! With the ability to Ignore Accounts from Reports, you can easily select an entire account, or accounts, that you'd like to be excluded from your Reports, with just a click of a button!

Note: Ignoring an account from Reports will automatically ignore it from the Spending Plan and Watchlists as well.

Ignore an Account from Reports

  1. Hover over the panel on the left-hand side and select Settings.

  2. Select Accounts.

  3. Locate the Account that you'd like to Ignore from Reports and click the three dots at the end of it.

  4. Select Ignore from reports.

Re-Include an Account in Reports

  1. Hover over the panel on the left-hand side and select Settings.

  2. Select Accounts.

  3. Locate the Account that you'd like to Re-Include in Reports and click the three dots at the end of it.

  4. Select Include in reports.

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn the answers to frequently asked questions for this topic!

Can I download or print a Report?

Sadly, Simplifi doesn't offer the ability to download or print Reports. However, you can export the Transaction Activity associated with a Report into a CSV file that can be printed. To learn how to export transactions, check out our help article here! Please note that exporting transactions is currently only available on the Simplifi Web App.

How do I ignore transactions from Reports?

Ignoring transactions from Reports is super easy! You can ignore a transaction from the Report directly, as well as anywhere else you see your transactions in Simplifi. Find out more here!

How are Credit Card Payments and Transfers handled in Reports?

Transactions with a 'Transfer' Category, including "Credit Card Payment", will always be excluded from Reports, even if you select to include it. Please see here for more details on using Transfers in Simplifi.

If you need any assistance with Simplifi's Reports, you can contact our Support Team here.

To learn about using Reports on the Simplifi Mobile App, please click here.

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