Like most things, Simplifi makes tracking your loans simple. You can track how much you've paid towards your loans' principal, interest, escrow, etc., as well as see how much you still owe towards your loans.

Connect Your Loan Account

When you connect your loan account(s) in Simplifi, Simplifi will do all of the work for you. Although you won't be able to see or edit your transactions, your financial institution will provide the balance of the loan, as well as the amount of your payments, with a breakdown of what portion went towards principal, interest, etc.

This information is automatically updated and reported, so you can easily track your loans and loan balances.

Manually Track Your Loan

You can also manually track your loans in Simplifi. When first adding a manual loan account, you'll be asked to provide a balance with an as-of date. From there, you will be able to manually enter your loan payments each month, which will give you an accurate representation of the loan's balance.

This option also gives you the flexibility to choose what loan information gets reported, as you are able to ignore the transactions from Reports.

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