Watchlists can help you track and monitor specific areas of spending. This tool includes interactive graphs that instantly show you where you're at for the month, and how close you are to meeting your goals.

Creating a Watchlist

Watchlists can be created using a specific Payee, Category, or Tag. You can choose whether you'd like to set a monthly target for each area, and then let Simplifi monitor your spending for you. You can also create as many Watchlists as you'd like!

  1. Click the Menu icon (the three lines in the upper left corner).

  2. Select Watchlist.

  3. Click the blue plus (+) button in the bottom right.

  4. Choose how you'd like to create your Watchlist by selecting Category, Payee, or Tag.

  5. Enter a Name for your Watchlist and then select an emoji that represents it.

  6. Select the Categorie(s), Payee(s), or Tag(s), whichever applies, that you'd like to use for your Watchlist.

  7. Select Set if you'd like to have a Monthly Target, then enter the Amount, or select Don't Set if you'd prefer to not have a target.

  8. Select Create when done.

Using A Watchlist

Once you’ve created your Watchlist, you can monitor your spending for that area by selecting the Watchlist's tile. Here, you'll see an average monthly total for the period shown, as well as total spending for the current month, total spending for the year, and a projection of how much you’ll spend this month if you were to keep spending at the current rate.

The graph displayed for each Watchlist gives you an interactive view of your activity for the period shown. The bars represent your spending for each month, the orange line represents your average spending for the period shown, and the gray slatted line represents your Monthly Target, when applicable.

To get an even closer look, you can click on any of the bars displayed in the graph, to see a list of all of the transactions for that month.

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