Notifications can considerably enhance your customer experience. Being able to decide what notifications are important as an e-mail or a push notification to your mobile device, can be a game-changer with staying up to date with your finances.

Life seems to run at lighting fast speed and our notifications will keep your finances at the top of your mind by alerting you when your Available to Spend is getting low, if you were charged a bank fee, letting you know you got paid (woohoo), and most importantly to notify you how you did that month.

Learn how to enable and/or disable notifications:

  1. Click on Settings (gear icon on left menu)

  2. Click on Notifications

  3. Select Notification that you want to enable/disable
    a. Envelope icon is for e-mail notifications
    b. Square with 3 lines icon is for push notifications

  4. Follow prompts

  5. Click Update to save changes.

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