Simplifi's Savings Goals make it easy to save money for future vacations, emergency funds, or anything else that you'd like to start saving for! All you have to do is tell Simplifi how much you want to save, and we'll suggest a target date, with a monthly contribution amount.

You can easily manage your target date, or turn it off altogether, as well as easily customize how much you'd like to contribute each month. You can even have Simplifi deduct your Savings Goals from your Spending Plan, to further ensure that you don't spend your Goal money!

Creating a Savings Goal

  1. Click the Menu icon (the three lines in the upper left corner).
  2. Select Savings Goals.
  3. Click the Add a Savings Goal button, or the blue plus (+) button in the bottom right.
  4. Select the type of Goal you'd like to create, or select Custom to create a custom Goal.
  5. Enter a Name, a Goal amount, and any money that you've Saved so far, with the Account that it's saved from, and click Continue.
  6. Set a Target goal date to have Simplifi calculate your Monthly contribution for you, or you can customize your own Monthly contribution amount, as well as turn the Target goal date off. You may also be given the option to customize your Start Date. Click Continue when done.
  7. Choose whether you'd like to have your Goal deducted from your Spending Plan or not, and click Create.

Contributing to a Savings Goal

When you contribute to a Savings Goal, Simplifi will update to show you how much you've saved towards your Goal, as well as the amount left to save. If you make extra contributions, Simplifi will update the Expected date accordingly, and let you know where you're at with meeting your Goal.

Simplifi will also show you which accounts your Goal money is sitting in, and how much you have left to spend after your contributions. Included with the balance of your accounts, you'll see a separate Available balance, which is what you have remaining in the account after your Savings Goals.

Note: Simplifi will never add or take money from your actual financial accounts. Your Goal is meant to keep you accountable and moving forward!

  1. Click the Menu icon (the three lines in the upper left corner).
  2. Select Savings Goals.
  3. Locate the Goal you'd like to contribute to and click on it.
  4. Click the Contribute button.
  5. Enter the Amount to contribute and the Account that you'd like to contribute from.
  6. Click Add.

If your situation changes, and you need to take some money back from a Goal, you can easily do so by locating the Goal and clicking on it, and then selecting the Take From button. This will allow you to remove money from the Goal, and put it back into any of the accounts that you've contributed from. The details of your Goal, including the Expected date, will update to reflect the changes, as will the Available balance displayed for your accounts.

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