A time may come where you're presented with the need to re-link existing accounts in Simplifi, or where you need to add additional accounts with a bank that you've already connected to in Simplifi. This article will explain how to perform these actions while maintaining your existing account connections.

Link Existing Accounts

When presented with the Add your accounts screen, you'll want to be sure that you're properly linking any existing accounts that you've already added in Simplifi:

After entering your credentials, Simplifi will present you with a list of the accounts that it's found. In this list, Simplifi will show the Name, Account Type, and the Action that Simplifi will take, such as Add the account (blue checkmark), Link To an existing account within Simplifi (grey chain link), or Ignore the account so that it's not added to Simplifi (red X).

At this point, it's imperative that you select the Link To icon and then tell Simplifi what account to link it to. If Add is selected instead, it can result in duplicate accounts.

Add Additional Accounts with an Existing Bank

If you need to add additional accounts with a bank that you're already connected to in Simplifi, you'll want to follow the steps outlined here to add a new account. You should not use the Reset connection option to add additional accounts.

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