Although the Reviewed Column can potentially be used for any number of reasons upon a person's own preference, there are a couple of uses for this column that we'd like to point out!

One option would be to use the column to mark your transactions as "reviewed" as they download into Simplifi. This gives you more control over your financial data, as you have the opportunity to mark off each transaction as you're reviewing them for category changes, etc.

Another option would be to use it to balance your account using a paper statement or the transactions displayed on your bank's website. This would be similar to a reconcile function, where you can mark off each transaction while comparing it to an external source.

To add the 'Reviewed' Column to your account registers, you'll want to select Banking from the top of your Account List and then select the gear icon to the upper right of the register. Here, you'll select Show/Hide Columns and then click on Reviewed so that it displays a checkmark next to it:

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