The Simplifi Mobile App now offers a Projected Cash Flow! This feature allows you to see your upcoming Reminders, and gives you a Projected Balance based on each of those Reminders.

Accessing Your Projected Cash Flow

This feature is accessible from the All Transactions View, as well as from the Transactions View for each of your Accounts. Once on the Transactions View, you'll want to select See projected cash flow, located directly below the Upcoming carousel.

Using Your Projected Cash Flow

Once in the Projected Cash Flow section, you'll be able to select which of your Accounts you'd like to view, as well as a Time Range. Each of the Reminders displayed will have a Projected Balance at the end of it, and you'll also see a final Projected Balance for the end of the selected Time Range.

Managing Your Reminders

You can also easily manage the Reminders displayed in the Projected Cash Flow section! You can do so by clicking on the Reminder that you'd like to edit, making the necessary changes, and clicking Update; or, if you'd like to delete the Reminder, you can do so by selecting Delete Reminder. You can also easily link your Reminders to Transactions directly from this section!

To learn more about Projected Cash Flow on the Simplifi Web App, please click here!

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