With Bill Connect making its way to Simplifi, you may wonder how to connect multiple Bills to a single Biller, such as having vehicle insurance as well as homeowners insurance with a single company, or holding multiple credit card accounts with a single financial institution. In this Article, we'll go over how these types of situations can be handled for Connected Billers in Simplifi!

How Does it Work?

Whether the Bills can be connected individually in Simplifi depends on the Biller. For example, if you have multiple credit cards with a single financial institution, but only receive one statement for all of the cards, then you will only have the option to connect to one Bill in Simplifi. However, if you receive individual statements for each of the individual accounts, then you should be able to individually connect each one to the Biller in Simplifi.

Connecting Multiple Bills to a Single Biller

To connect multiple Bills to a single Biller, you'll first want to create a separate Recurring Series in Simplifi for each of the Bills. Once done, you'll be able to start by connecting one of them to the Biller. During this process, you'll be presented with a list of Biller Accounts that are available to link; select the Account that you're attempting to link and click Continue.

Once you've connected the first Recurring Series to the Biller, you'll get a window stating that the Account is now connected, with the option to continue linking the rest of your Bills to the Biller:

Note: For more details on creating a Recurring Series in Simplifi please click here, and for more details on connecting to a Biller in Simplifi please click here.

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