We like to make using Simplifi as fun and exciting as possible, and are pleased to introduce Achievements! Achievements allow you to earn badges for various things, such as login streaks, completing a Savings Goal, as well as for setting up and using some of Simplifi's tools.

To access Achievements, hover over the panel on the left-hand side and select Profile, and then select Achievements:

Prepped for Prosperity: You can earn these Achievements by setting up and using some of Simpifi's tools, such as adding an account and setting up the Spending Plan.

Calm and in Control: These Achievements can be earned by logging into Simplifi at least once a week for two consecutive weeks, and up to 52 weeks in a row.

Savvy Spender: The Savvy Spender Achievements are earned by not overspending in the Spending Plan for at least one month and up to 12 months in a row.

Sensational Saver: You can earn these Achievements by completing Savings Goals, starting with one and completing up to 10 Goals.

Prompt Payer: These Achievements are earned by paying all of your Recurring Bills and Subscriptions each month for at least one month and up to 12 months in a row.

Asset Accumulator: Asset Accumulator Achievements show your Net Worth milestones, starting at $10K Net Worth and ending at $1M Net Worth.

Additional Achievement parameters will become available in the future, so please be sure to keep an eye out!

Note: There is currently no option for disabling Achievements in Simplifi.

To learn more about using Achievements on the Simplifi Mobile App, please click here!

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