There may come a time when you're expecting extra income for the month that isn't accounted for with a Recurring Series, or maybe you have a fixed income, or maybe you want to add your leftovers from last month to the current month, or maybe your income fluctuates month-to-month and it's easier to track it in your Spending Plan using a custom amount; no matter the reason, Simplifi has got you covered!

It's super easy to set a custom Income amount in the Spending Plan!

  1. Hover over the panel on the left-hand side and select Spending Plan.

  2. In the Income after bills and saving section, locate the line for Income and select the three dots at the end of it.

  3. Select Set custom income.

  4. Enter the custom income amount and click Set Amount when done.

If you'd like to use the calculated amount for your Income instead of the custom amount, you can follow the same steps listed above, but select Use calculated income from the three-dot menu instead:

To learn about setting a custom Income amount in the Spending Plan on the Simplifi Mobile App, please click here!

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