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Online Banking Issues

To see a complete list of our Current Online Banking Issues, please click here.

Note: If you're receiving a specific error with a bank not covered in this article, please be sure to check out our Top Bank Download Solutions by clicking here.

Known Product Issues

To see a complete list of our Known Product Issues, please click here.

Financial Institutions Blocking Aggregation

  • 1st Financial Bank USA

  • AfterPay

  • Ameritas Retirement Plans

  • Bayview Loan Servicing

  • Blackstone River FCU

  • Bluebird by American Express

  • BMW Financial Services

  • Credit One Bank

  • Connect to Square

  • Global Cash Card MetaBank

  • Heartland Bank and Trust Company

  • MetroWest Community FCU

  • Mission Lane

  • My CalPERS

  • Northwest Plus Credit Union

  • PayFlex

  • Riverset Credit Union

  • Rushmore Loan Management Services

  • State Farm Bank

  • Studentloans.gov

  • T-Mobile Money (Visa Prepaid Card)

  • Texas College Savings Plan

  • True Sky Credit Union

  • United Nations FCU

  • Wells Fargo Shareowner Services

  • Wichita Falls Teachers Federal Credit Union

Unsupported Financial Institutions

  • Capital One Auto Finance

  • Cash App

  • Chime Credit Builder

  • Coinbase Pro

  • South State Bank

  • Target 401K

  • T. Rowe Price Personal Investing

  • Transamerica

  • Venmo Business Accounts

  • Venmo Credit Card

Other Known Online Banking Issues


  • We don't currently support the "Later" account type.

American Express

  • American Express blocks us on Mondays, so you may receive an error or be unable to add or update your accounts that day.

  • Depending on the type of accounts you're trying to add, you may need to use different American Express instances in Simplifi (i.e., You'll need to select the "American Express" bank option for Credit Cards and "American Express Bank" for Savings Accounts.)

  • While this isn't common, some users experience an issue with their Payees downloading incorrectly from American Express, and a manual adjustment is required to fix the Payee. If you're seeing this issue in Simplifi, you'll want to contact our Support Team directly to report the problem.

Bank of America

  • If you receive a 102 error or are not receiving an MFA code when attempting to add your Bank of America accounts for the first time, we suggest trying to connect the accounts a few times in a row as we've seen success after four attempts.

  • You may also be prompted to complete MFA with each account refresh.


If you receive a 108 error when trying to add your BBVA accounts, you'll need to ensure you've granted third-party access. To do this, you'll follow these steps:

  1. Log into your online account (BBVA) and click on Service Center.

  2. Under Online Banking Services, click on Quicken and Quickbooks Access Self Service.

  3. Then on the Register New Access tab, click on Register and follow the prompts.

  4. Once this is completed, you should complete the setup of BBVA in Simplifi.


Betterment offers customers the ability to create an App-Specific Password. So, if you're experiencing trouble adding your accounts to Simplifi, please ensure you're using the correct password. To confirm whether you have an App-Specific Password, follow the below steps:

  1. First, sign in to Betterment’s website.

  2. Go to Settings > Security.

  3. Scroll down to the section called “App passwords.”

Capital One

  • Depending on your account type, you'll need different Capital One instances in Simplifi to add your accounts. For example, if you have a checking account, you'll select Capital One 360. However, if you only have a credit card, you'll choose Capital One Card Services.

    • After signing in to the Capital One secure window, you must select ALL YOUR accounts when adding your accounts. Then, you'll be able to choose which accounts to add or ignore in Simplifi.


  • We don't currently support the password+token MFA options for E*Trade accounts.

TrailWest Bank

TrailWest Bank offers customers to use a Pin based login authentication method, at this time Simplifi does not support this authentication method. Customers can choose "other authentication type" (MFA security question authentication) from the bank's user settings.


UBS requires enrollment into aggregator services to be able to establish a connection. If you're unable to add your accounts and are receiving invalid credentials, follow the steps below to enroll in this service:

  1. First, sign in to the UBS Bank website.

  2. Go to Profile Settings.

  3. Select enroll in aggregator services and select Quicken/Simplifi.


  • When adding USAA accounts, you may be required to change your password at the bank's website. This is a requirement by the Financial Institution and cannot be bypassed if prompted.


Weathfront offers customers the ability to create an App-Specific Password. So, if you're experiencing trouble adding your accounts to Simplifi, please ensure you're using the correct password. You can generate an app-specific password in Settings. This creates a secure password for you to use when linking to Wealthfront from another app or website.

  1. Log in to Wealthfront, then navigate to Settings.

  2. Under Link Wealthfront to other apps, select Generate an app-specific password.

  3. Follow the prompts. Once your password is generated, immediately store it in a password manager or use it to log into the other app or service.

Wells Fargo

  • Wells Fargo accounts no longer download pending transactions.

If you have any questions about any of these known issues, our Support Team is just a click away!

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