Investment balances can fluctuate up and down from day to day. This fluctuation makes it hard to know if your balance is trending upward or downward. To properly gauge your gains, losses, or plateauing on portfolios, we've added the new Balance Over Time graph.

From the moment you add your account, Simplifi starts tracking your investment balances to provide you with a historical reference. We'll continue maintaining your balance history until your account(s) are deleted.

How to access Balance Over Time

  1. Navigate to the Investments section on the left side menu

  2. Click on the Balances tab at the top

  3. You can filter All Accounts or select specific ones

  4. You can filter your date range by:

    1. 30 days

    2. 60 days

    3. 90 days

    4. One year

    5. This year

    6. Last year

    7. Custom date range

Once filters are set, Simplifi will present you with a historical graph showing your percentage and amount change over the selected time frame.

If you have any additional questions or concerns, please reach out to one of our support channels by clicking here.

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