PayPal is transitioning all accounts to a new connection method. Therefore, if you have PayPal accounts, you will need to take action to maintain your transaction download in Simplifi.

  • Checking and savings accounts will transition to a new online banking connection with Simplifi and Quicken.

  • Other accounts, such as credit cards, will remain on the current connection type but need to be transitioned to a new PayPal financial institution in Simplifi.

  • If you have accounts other than checking and savings with PayPal, you must follow two steps to reauthorize your accounts for download into Simplifi.

Existing Accounts

For Checking and Savings accounts

When you update your accounts in Simplifi, you'll be prompted to change to the new connection method.

You need to sign in with your PayPal credentials when prompted to establish a connection. After you sign in, choose to Link your account(s) to your existing accounts in Simplifi.

Note: If you want to track any of these accounts in Simplifi, check all of your PayPal accounts during this process.

For Credit Card and Other account types

First, you'll be prompted to reauthorize your account(s). After that, this process is just like adding a regular account to Simplifi. When prompted, enter your PayPal username and password. When the accounts are found, be sure to Link them to your existing Simplifi accounts.

If you have a combination of accounts

You will first be prompted to authorize your Checking and Savings account types. You may see all of your PayPal accounts listed during the process, but when the process completes, you'll see that only your Checking or Savings accounts have been authorized. Then, just follow the steps above for your Credit card and Other account types to add your remaining accounts.

Adding New Accounts

If you're adding accounts for the first time, you'll notice two different PayPal instances available within Simplifi, 'PayPal' and 'PayPal Credit, MasterCard, and Crypto.'

Checking and Savings

If you're adding checking and savings accounts, you'll need to select the 'PayPal' option in Simplifi:

Credit Card and Other account types

If you're adding credit cards or other types of accounts, you'll select the 'PayPal Credit, MasterCard and Crypto' option in Simplifi:

If you need any assistance with connecting your PayPal accounts in Simplifi, please don't hesitate to reach out to our Support Team!

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