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Getting to Know Your Dashboard
Getting to Know Your Dashboard

Learn about the Simplifi Dashboard and how to use it

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The Quicken Simplifi Dashboard is a convenient overview of your finances! The Dashboard has nine default tiles that give you a quick snapshot of your finances, and act as a shortcut to different areas and Reports. The default tiles consist of the following:

Each of these tiles can be moved around to your liking, too! Just click, drag, and drop each tile until you find your favorite layout!

To use the Dashboard tiles as a shortcut, simply click the tile that you'd like to get more details on!

If you'd like to reset your Dashboard view to the original layout, you can do so by hovering over the panel on the left-hand side and selecting Profile and then selecting Reset Dashboard Layout.

To learn more about using the Dashboard on the Quicken Simplifi Mobile App, please click here!

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