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How Can I Send Product Feedback?
How Can I Send Product Feedback?

Learn how to send us your feedback!

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Want to suggest a new feature for Quicken Simplifi?! Well, then, we've got some great news! Our goal is to make managing your finances simple, so if you have an idea that you'd like to share that can help us to achieve our goal, we'd love to hear from you! 

In our Community, we've created a section specifically for your feedback! You can suggest new features, as well as see what others have suggested. You may find that you'd like to vote on a couple yourself! We review every suggestion submitted, and our Product Team works to determine what we can do to make these suggestions a reality.

How to Submit Feedback

To submit your feedback, you would first need to register in our Community. Our Community site is available by clicking here. Once there, you'll see an option to Register:

Quicken Simplifi Web App:

You can access our Community straight from the Quicken Simplifi Web App by navigating to Profile, and then selecting Community:

Quicken Simplifi Mobile App:

You can also access our Community directly from the Quicken Simplifi Mobile App by clicking on the Profile icon in the upper right, and then selecting Community:

Using the Community

Once registered, you’ll be able to provide suggested features, and even vote on others' suggested features!

To create a new Idea post for a feature request, you'll want to navigate to Product Feedback, and then Feature Requests. You can also provide us with other feedback by navigating to Feedback from the Product Feedback section and selecting New Post.

More details on creating and voting for Feature Requests in the Community is available here.

If you have any issues reaching our Community, please contact Support for assistance!

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