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Using Quicken Simplifi’s Upcoming Feature
Using Quicken Simplifi’s Upcoming Feature

Learn how to use the Upcoming section in Quicken Simplifi!

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You already know that Quicken Simplifi can help you quickly and easily keep track of all of your past transactions. But did you know that Quicken Simplifi lets you preview your future activity as well? Quicken Simplifi’s Upcoming section shows you at a glance all of your scheduled Bill and Income Reminders for the next month. You can also drill down even further to view the details of any future transaction!

Using the Upcoming Section

You can access the Upcoming section by hovering over the panel on the left-hand side and selecting Upcoming. Once there, you'll see that this page is broken down into four different parts:

  1. Coming Soon shows you what's coming up in the next week.

  2. Coming Later shows you what's coming up in the next few weeks.

  3. Recently Posted displays your Reminders that have cleared in the past few days.

  4. A Monthly Calendar that displays a dot for the days with Bill and/or Income Reminders.

Any of the Reminders listed on this page can be clicked on to view the corresponding Recurring Series. The graph at the top makes it easy to see your 6-month total, as well as your 6-month average, and the list displayed below the graph will show you a history of the Transactions that are linked to the Series, as well as the next upcoming occurrence.

From this window, you can also easily manage the Recurring Series that you're viewing by selecting OPTIONS in the upper right. This will allow you to Edit, Delete, or End the Series.

You can also select the three dots at the end of the Reminders listed on the Upcoming page to Link the Reminder to a transaction, Edit the Reminder, Connect the corresponding Series to a Biller, Delete the Reminder, as well as View the corresponding Series.

You can even create a new Recurring Series directly from the Upcoming page by clicking the blue + ADD button to the upper right of the Monthly Calendar!

Note: Please click here to learn more about creating and managing Recurring Series in Quicken Simplifi.

Cash Flow Tab

Also, in the Upcoming section, you'll see a handy Cash Flow tab! This section gives you a Projected Cash Flow based on the upcoming Reminders for each of your accounts, where each colored line represents an account, and also includes a Projected Balance.

You can customize the time range that you'd like to view, as well as the accounts that you'd like included in the chart. You can hover over any of the circles displayed to see your Reminders for that day, as well as your Projected Balance for that day.

Below the chart, you'll see a list of your Upcoming Reminders in a carousel format, that are displayed using the same time range that's selected for the chart. You can manage these Reminders, such as editing or deleting them, directly from the carousel by selecting the three dots to the upper right of a Reminder.

You can also click on any of the circles displayed in the chart to scroll the Upcoming carousel to the selected day, making it even easier to manage your Reminders directly from the Upcoming section!

To learn more about using the Upcoming section on the Quicken Simplifi Mobile App, please click here!

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