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Does Quicken Simplifi have a running balance column?
Does Quicken Simplifi have a running balance column?

Learn why Quicken Simplifi doesn't offer a running balance column

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Short answer, no.

Here's why:

We designed Quicken Simplifi to stay in sync with your bank's balance, allowing you to enter missing transactions, delete transactions, or even add transactions further back than initially downloaded. A running balance column would remove that flexibility and require users to reconcile balance discrepancies.

While we don't offer a balance column, Quicken Simplifi does have a projected balance at the top of your account registers. Click any account in the web app, and Quicken Simplifi will show you those projected balances as a graph. If you're using your phone, tap any tab and check out the row of upcoming transactions. Below each upcoming amount, you’ll see your projected balance.

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