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Using the Simplifi Mobile App
Using the Bills & Payments Section on the Mobile App
Using the Bills & Payments Section on the Mobile App

Learn how to use the Bills & Payments section on the Quicken Simplifi Mobile App

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You already know that Quicken Simplifi can help you quickly and easily keep track of all of your past transactions. But did you know that Quicken Simplifi lets you preview your future activity as well? Quicken Simplifi’s Bills & Payments section shows you at a glance all of your scheduled Bill and Income Reminders for the designated time range. You can even see all of your past due items, access all of your Recurring Transactions, as well as view your Projected Cash Flow, all from this section!

Note: The Bills and Payments section was formerly known as "Upcoming".

Using the Bills & Payments 'Overview' Tab

To access the Bills & Payments section, click the Menu icon (three lines) in the upper left corner, and then select Bills & Payments. Once there, you'll see that the Overview page is broken down into four different parts:

  1. Summary provides you with a net amount after all of your Reminders for the designated time range are calculated.

  2. Reminders shows you all of your upcoming Reminders for the designated time range, including future-dated transactions and expected Refunds.

  3. All past due displays all of your Reminders that are past due.

  4. A monthly calendar that displays dots for all of your upcoming Reminders and allows you to drill down when selecting a day.

All of the Reminders listed on this page have all of the accessibility options you may need when it comes to managing the associated Recurring Series, or just that single Reminder instance. All you have to do is click the three dots at the end of the Reminder and then select the appropriate option.

You can even create a new Recurring Series directly from the Bills & Income Overview page by clicking the plus (+) sign in the upper right!

Note: Please click here to learn more about creating and managing Recurring Series in Quicken Simplifi.

Using the Bills & Payments 'Cash Flow' Tab

In the Bills & Payments section, you'll see a handy Cash Flow tab! This section gives you a Projected Cash Flow based on the upcoming Reminders for each of your accounts, where you can choose which account you want to view. You can also customize the time range you'd like to view, as well as edit or delete any of the Reminders displayed here.

Note: You can also access the Projected Cash Flow from your accounts directly. Learn more here!

Using the Bills & Payments 'All Recurring' Tab

The All Recurring tab in the Bills & Payments section makes it super easy to access and manage all of your Recurring Transactions! For more details on creating and managing Recurring Transactions in Quicken Simplifi, please see our support article here.

To learn more about using the Bills & Payments section on the Quicken Simplifi Web App, please click here!

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