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How Do My Investment Balances Update?
How Do My Investment Balances Update?

Learn how your Investment Data gets updated in Quicken Simplifi

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Ever wonder how your various Investment Data gets updated in Quicken Simplifi? No problem! This article will go over how this information is updated for both connected and manual Investment Accounts being tracked in Quicken Simplifi.

How Investment Data Gets Updated

  • Holdings Info in Connected Investment Accounts: Shares and Prices are updated automatically for connected Investment Accounts during nightly aggregation, however, this information can potentially be updated every four hours.

  • Mutual Funds: Mutual Fund Prices are updated daily at the close of the market; until that time, Mutual Fund Prices are quoted at the closing price for the previous day.

  • Holdings Info in Manual Investment Accounts: Manual Holdings information gets updated automatically during nightly aggregation as long as a valid ticker symbol is used.

  • All Other Calculations (such as Total Value, Change, etc.): This information is provided by our Investing Service Provider and updates whenever new information becomes available.

Why Might I See A Difference in Balance Between the Accounts List and the Investments Tab?

The balance displayed for your connected Investment Accounts in the Accounts List is provided by your Financial Institution(s). In contrast, the balance displayed in the Investments tab is based on the market value of your holdings with the latest pricing information.

This information may differ depending on when the connected accounts were last refreshed, as well as when your financial institution(s) receive their updated share prices.

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