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Why Can't I Sign In?
Why Can't I Sign In?

Learn some steps to troubleshoot issues with signing into Quicken Simplifi

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In this Support Article, we'll go over steps you can follow if you're experiencing difficulties signing into Simplifi.

When signing into Quicken Simplifi, it's important to remember to use your Quicken ID and password; this applies to the Quicken Simplifi Web App, Mobile App, and your Online Account at

Note: Please click here for more details on signing up for Quicken Simplifi.

Before Troubleshooting

Before you begin troubleshooting, let's ensure you're using the correct credentials. Your Quicken ID is your email address. If you have multiple email addresses, ensure you're signing in with the one used for your Quicken ID.

Next, verify you're using the correct password. Select the eyeball icon in the password field to show you your password to ensure there are no typographical errors.

If you're unsure of your password, try resetting it instead. Click here to reset your password.

Troubleshooting Issues with the 6-Digit Verification Code

There may be times that you'll be required to receive a 6-digit Verification Code via text or email to enter during the sign-in process. If you're having issues with the 6-digit Verification Code, please be sure to follow these steps:

  • Ensure you do not close the window you're trying to sign in through.

  • Do not request multiple codes be sent; with each new code, the previous one expires.

  • When the code is received, it must be used immediately.

  • You can click Email me the code instead or Text me the code instead to change the method of receiving the code.

  • You can also click Call me with a code instead if the number listed is a landline and cannot receive text messages.

Note: If you're experiencing issues receiving a Verification Code via text, please click here and follow the steps listed.

What if I can no longer access the email address associated with my Quicken Simplifi Account?

If you no longer have access to the email address associated with your Quicken Simplifi Account and cannot sign in to your Online Account at to change it, you'll want to follow the steps outlined here to request an email change.

What if I'm still unable to sign in?

If you've followed the above steps and are still unable to sign into Quicken Simplifi, there are a few other things to check:

  1. If you're using a VPN or Proxy, try disabling them and then attempt to sign in to Quicken Simplifi again. Note: At this time, we do not support Apple iCloud Private Relay, so please be sure to disable this feature before signing in.

  2. Check for any security browser plug-ins or extensions, such as DuckDuckGo and Ghostery, that may be blocking Quicken Simplifi and disable them accordingly.

  3. If you're traveling abroad, you may continue to experience an issue with signing into Quicken Simplifi until you return to the US.

If you still can't sign into Quicken Simplifi, please allow some time and then attempt to sign in again. We recommend waiting four hours. Do not try switching between multiple devices/browsers or changing your password numerous times. If waiting four hours doesn't resolve the issue, contact our Support Team for assistance.

Apple iCloud Private Relay

If you're experiencing issues with signing into Quicken Simplifi and are using an Apple device, you'll want to ensure that you have iCloud Private Relay disabled. Unfortunately, at this time, this service is not currently supported.

Please click here for more details on contacting Quicken Simplifi Support.

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