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Does Quicken Simplifi Download Pending Transactions?
Does Quicken Simplifi Download Pending Transactions?

Learn how Quicken Simplifi handles pending bank transactions

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Yes, Quicken Simplifi is designed to download any pending bank transaction as long as they appear on your bank's website. However, it can take up to four to six hours from when the transaction appears to download into Quicken Simplifi.

In addition to downloading pending bank transactions, Quicken Simplifi also includes any pending transactions in the balance reflected to ensure that we're offering the most accurate information. To learn more about how balances are calculated, check out our article here!

Note: A few financial institutions, including Capital One, SoFi, and USAA, do not support the downloading of pending transactions.

If you notice that your account is not downloading pending transactions and it's been more than six hours, please don't hesitate to get in touch with our amazing Support Team!

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