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How Are Authorized User Accounts with American Express Handled?
How Are Authorized User Accounts with American Express Handled?

Learn how authorized user accounts with American Express are handled in Quicken Simplifi

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When it comes to American Express accounts, all credit card transactions from the primary account, as well as any transactions from authorized user accounts, will all download into the primary cardholder account in Quicken Simplifi.

Because of this, we recommend only adding the primary account in Quicken Simplifi, as adding the additional accounts may result in duplicate transactions (one in the primary account and one in the authorized user account that the transaction occurred in).

You can additionally create and use Tags to distinguish what card/user made the transaction that was downloaded into the primary account. Please be sure to check out our Support Article here for more details on using Tags in Quicken Simplifi.

If you are an authorized user and receive an error message stating "The requested action requires account owner approval. Please have the authorized account holder provide authorization to proceed" when trying to add your American Express login. Please have the primary account holder grant you access to get past this error.


If you experience any trouble or have any additional questions regarding authorized user accounts with American Express in Quicken Simplifi, we're happy to help! More details on contacting our Support Team can be found by clicking here.

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