Tracking Shared Expenses

How to track shared expenses in Quicken Simplifi

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When you want to split an expense transaction due to other parties chipping in on an expense, like splitting a bill at a restaurant with friends or paying half on a large purchase, we have a few recommendations!

Note: You cannot split expense transactions to include an income transaction and vice versa.

For Cash Payment

If physical cash was provided for the transaction, create a manual transaction with the cash amount and change the category of that transaction to the same category as the transaction that is being spilt.

This will allow you to keep the balances of your account accurate and allow you to track cash payments made to you!

For Online Transfer

If an online transfer, such as Cash App or Zelle, was used to pay you for the shared portion of the expense, change the category of the transaction to that of the large purchase.

If you are looking to split a transaction, to break down what was purchased within the transaction, click here!

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