One of Simplifi's fundamental functions is downloading data from your banks right into your connected Simplifi accounts. This alone takes most of the work out of tracking your finances and leaves the days of hand-entering data right where they belong -- in the past!

While we're continuously working to ensure the consistency and reliability of bank downloads, it's possible you'll eventually encounter an error that requires additional steps to resolve. Fortunately, we've compiled a list of the most common bank errors so you can quickly get back to business!

Most Common Error

Ccscrape.101: GENERAL_ERROR 

As a general error, there are many possible causes but usually resolves itself within 24 hours. If the error still occurs after waiting 24 hours, please reach out to Simplifi Support.  

Ccscrape.102: FI_TIMEOUT 

You may receive this error code if your bank’s website is unavailable or they’re completing maintenance on their services. You may be able to log into the bank's website successfully and still receive this error in Simplifi because Simplifi connects to your bank using a different server. 

Try updating your accounts again in a few hours or the next business day. If the issue still occurs after one business day, please contact Simplifi Support.


This code presents when the credentials being entered are invalid, either the password or username/email address. Here are a few things you can try:

1. Verify your login information – Type your password/PIN into a text application, such as Notepad, WordPad, or other text/word application to ensure you don’t have any typographical errors.
2. Verify your login at the bank’s website – Try to sign in to your Bank’s website using the same login credentials.
3. Contact your bank – Check with your bank to see if you need to use an app-specific password or if they support third party financial software connections.

4. Updates your credentials – Try temporarily updating your password at your bank's website and then try again to connect to Simplifi.

If you continue to experience trouble, please contact Simplifi Support.


This usually occurs when the Bank’s website is unavailable. Try updating your accounts again in a few hours or the next business day. If the issue still occurs after one business day, please contact Simplifi Support.


You may receive this error if an account name or number changed at your bank or if an account was closed. Most users would experience this message if their credit card was replaced due to being lost or stolen.

If an account number or name have changed, you can reconnect your account and link it to the already existing account in Simplifi through these steps:

1. Re-enter your login credentials in the “Reconnect Your Account” pop-up. 

2. Select the checkmark to the right of the new or renamed account in the list of accounts Simplifi discovered.

3. Very carefully LINK TO the account to the appropriate account you already have set up in Simplifi.

4. Once successfully linked, the checkmark should now be the link icon.
5. Click Complete.

If you have closed an account, you’ll need to delete the account from Simplifi to resolve the error. However, we recommend downloading your transaction data before completing that action. You can learn how to download your transaction details here

We are working to offer an option to deactivate closed accounts. We'll post updates regarding this function through our online community at https://community.simplifimoney.com.


This error code presents when the bank has added either a new page to its web site or a pop-up window that requires user action to bypass it, such as a prompt to update your personal contact information or promotional material such as credit card or loan offers. 

This can be resolved by logging into the Bank's website and addressing the new web page that requires your response.


This error is presented when the financial institution requires a user to change their password before establishing a connection in Simplifi. 

To resolve this error, you must access your financial institution's website and update your password. Once updated, you can try adding your account(s) again.

Ccscrape.155: FI_BLOCKING

You'll receive this error if the selected financial institution is currently blocking third-party aggregators. This could be due to server maintenance or security updates. 

If you're unable to add or update your account(s) after 48 hours, please contact Simplifi Support.

Ccscrape.185: MFA_REQUIRED

This error indicates you must re-authenticate your account through a multi-factor authentication code. 

When refreshing your accounts, Simplifi should prompt you with an multi-factor authentication pop-up. If you close the pop-up, it can be re-accessed by selecting the orange exclamation point next to the account name in the account list, or by going to Settings > Accounts > and clicking Reconnect Accounts next to the affected account.

Ccscrape.187: MFA_FAILED

This error indicates the multi-factor authentication code was entered incorrectly. 

If you fail the multi-factor authentication, Simplifi should prompt you to go through the process again. If not, you may need to go Settings > Accounts > and click Reconnect Accounts next to the affected account.


This error is presented when the selected financial institution uses an unsupported authentication method.

If available, you may need to deactivate or change the secondary authentication method in use on the financial institution website before Simplifi can add/update the accounts.


If you're receiving this error, it means that your account is locked by the bank; the most common reason is due to too many attempts to connect with invalid credentials.


This is a general error and requires reauthentication of your account. You'll be prompted to re-authenticate your account by re-entering your credentials and completing any necessary MFA's.


This error indicates our aggregators are not receiving a response when attempting to download transactions. Try again to refresh your accounts after a few hours.

If you continue to receive this error after 24-48 hours, please contact Simplifi Support.

Other Error Codes

If you receive any other error code or message that is not listed here, please contact our support team through the handy message icon at the bottom right corner of any page within Simplifi.

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