If you're brand new to Simplifi, it may seem at times that transactions are missing from your register. Usually, these transactions can be easily resolved! For your convenience, here's a list of the most common causes of suspected missing transactions.


Manual Transactions May Be in the Wrong Account

We're all human and therefore make very human mistakes from time to time! One of the most common oversights we see with Missing Transactions is incorrect account selection. To ensure you've assigned the correct Account to a Transaction...

  1. Hover over the left side panel and select Transactions.

  2. Select Net Worth.

  3. Search the listed transactions for the Missing Transaction.

  4. If you locate the Transaction, correct the Account field and save the changes. If you do not locate the transaction, continue to the steps below.

Check the Sort Order

It's possible that your Transaction Activity sort order was changed on accident, or that your sort order was not restored to its default order. For example, if you temporarily sorted the register by Category, the transactions will not be in order by date but rather grouped by Category.

  1. From the Transaction Activity screen, click the column header Date.

  2. To display your most recent transactions at the top of your Transaction Activity, ensure the Date column header shows a downward arrow next to it:

Note: To display your oldest transactions at the top of your Transaction Activity, click the Date column header again so the arrow next to it points upwards.

Clear Prior Searches

Simplifi's search function makes finding transactions quick and easy; however, failing to clear the last search can lead you to believe transactions have gone missing. Be sure your search history is cleared by clicking the gray circle with an X:

Clear Filter Selections

Using Simplifi's filters in your account registers will allow you to view just the items that you want to see, however, it's easy to forget to clear the filters. If you believe that you're missing transactions, it's important to check that your filter selections are cleared by clicking the gray circle with an X:

Missing Transactions Over 90 Days Old

If this is your first time downloading transactions for an account, it's important to know that banks place limitations on the amount of data you can download into Simplifi. Most banks allow you to download 90 days worth of data per account; if your missing transactions are more than 3 months old, they will not automatically download into Simplifi.

Transactions Still Pending with the Bank

While you can often see pending transactions in your Simplifi Transaction Activity, it can take a while for all pending bank activity to appear. If you're missing a recent transaction, wait a few hours and try updating Simplifi again.

Please note: While Simplifi is designed to download pending transactions, there are some financial institutions that do not allow us to do so. Currently, Wells Fargo accounts do not download pending transactions.

Transactions Incorrectly Matched

One of Simplifi's key functions is the ability to recognize and match downloaded transactions to manually entered transactions or Recurring Transactions. It's possible a transaction was matched to a transaction in error, resulting in a "lost" or missing transaction. If you believe this to be the case, just manually enter the missing transaction to correct your Transaction Activity.

Recently Deleted Transactions

Once a transaction has been downloaded from your bank, it will not be downloaded again. This means that if you download a transaction and later delete it in error, running another update will not replace the deleted transaction. If this occurs, manually enter a new transaction with identical information to ensure your records are correct and complete.

Note: If you continue having trouble with Missing Transactions, please contact Simplifi Support.

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