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How to Import Transactions from Mint
How to Import Transactions from Mint

Learn how to manually import transactions from Mint using a CSV file

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With Mint being discontinued, you may be wondering how to transfer your data over to Quicken Simplifi. In this article, we'll go over how to import your transactions from Mint using a CSV file.

Not subscribed to Quicken Simplifi yet? Learn how to sign up here! Once you've signed up, you can log in, add your accounts, and start importing. Learn the steps for adding an account in Quicken Simplifi here!

Things to Note Before Import

  • After downloading the CSV file from Mint, DO NOT alter it before importing it into Quicken Simplifi.

  • You'll need to manually create your account(s) in Quicken Simplifi before being able to import your transactions from Mint. If you're new to Quicken Simplifi, during the Add Accounts section of our Getting Started flow, towards the bottom of the Add Account popup, click Add Manual Account. Enter the name, type of account you're wishing to add, and the opening balance. Once you have entered that information, click continue and complete the Getting Started flow. After creating your manual account for your Mints transactions and categories and have imported your Mint transactions and categories, you can link your manually created account to a online bank account account.

  • You must use the "Mint" option when importing transactions from Mint into Quicken Simplifi.

  • Quicken Simplifi will import your Categories when importing from Mint. After importing your transactions, you'll be able to navigate to your Categories list under Settings and you'll see a section for "Mint". You'll then be able to edit/move your Categories from there so everything is properly set up in Quicken Simplifi. Learn how to edit your Categories here!

How to Download Transactions from Mint

Note: Since importing transactions into Quicken Simplifi is an account-by-account process, you'll want to export your transactions from Mint the same way by exporting just one account at a time. The files will end up with the same name, so we suggest renaming each file to the applicable account name to ensure the smoothest import into Quicken Simplifi possible.

  1. Sign in to and select Transactions.

  2. Select the individual account you'd like to export.

  3. Scroll down the page.

  4. Select Export Transactions.

  5. Your CSV file of transaction data will begin downloading.

You can view Mint's full support article on downloading transactions here.

How to Import Transactions from Mint

  1. Hover over the menu on the left-hand side and select Transactions.

  2. Select the account you'd like to import into.

  3. Click the import icon (upward-facing arrow inside a cloud) located to the upper right of the register (to the right of the search box).

  4. Select Importing from Mint.

  5. Ensure that the correct account is selected, then select the CSV file you'd like to import, or drag & drop the file into the window.

  6. Click Import when done.

Note: At this time, transactions cannot be imported via the Quicken Simplifi Mobile App; instead, you'll want to use the Web App for this.

If you run into any trouble importing your transactions from Mint, our Support Team is happy to help!

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