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Why do I see a charge from Quicken for $1.00?
Why do I see a charge from Quicken for $1.00?
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You may see a $1.00 charge, followed by a $1.00 refund, on one of your credit card accounts, with Quicken as the payee. This charge verifies the credit card on file for your Quicken Simplifi subscription renewal and typically happens within 15 days of your subscription renewal date.
Quicken Simplifi performs this pre-authorization transaction to ensure the credit card on your account is up-to-date, so we can easily renew your subscription. Don't worry, this charge will be refunded automatically.

If you need to update your payment method used for your subscription you can do so by logging into your My Account page at, clicking on Subscription, and then clicking on Manage Subscription in the Simplifi tile.

Once you do, you will be able to update your payment method by clicking on Update Payment:


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