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What if I Can't Find My Bank?
What if I Can't Find My Bank?

Learn how to request your bank if it's not available in Quicken Simplifi

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Here at Quicken Simplifi, we partner with multiple financial institutions so you can easily download your transactions and balances, which is the first step in better understanding your finances. However, we haven't been able to gain connectivity with every bank, unfortunately.

If your bank isn't available to connect to in Quicken Simplifi, you can visit us in our Community to either vote for it if someone has already requested it, or you can request it if no one else has. To do so, please visit our Report Missing Financial Institution page here!

If you haven't already registered for our Community, please be sure to do so! You may find more details on registering for and using the Community here.

You can also easily request a missing bank from Quicken Simplifi directly! When searching for the name of your bank, if no results are found, you'll see an option to "Send request"; click this and you'll be able to request your bank!

Note: We cannot guarantee that a requested bank will be added.

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