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Introduction to the Community
Introduction to the Community

Learn about our wonderful Community!

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Looking for a place to provide some product feedback to the Simplifi Team, or to receive advice from other Simplifi Users? If so, our Community is the perfect place for you! You can access our wonderful Community by clicking here.

The Simplifi Community is a great place to go to post feature requests for the product, share your feedback with the Simplifi Support Team, engage with other Simplifi Users, as well as check for known product and online banking issues, learn about the latest features, and view our Mobile and Web Release Notes. You can even follow entire Categories or individual Alerts to be automatically notified of any updates or new posts!

New to the Community? Great! Registering for the Community is a breeze, and we have a few guides to help get you started that are available here (the 'Announcements' that are posted at the top of the page).

The Community is also easily accessible from both the Simplifi Web App and the Simplifi Mobile App! More details on accessing the Community from Simplifi directly can be found here.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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