Projected Balances give you a visual representation of your estimated balance over the next 30 days. Projected Balances are estimated using your Recurring Transactions, so it's important to make sure your Recurring Bill and Income lists are complete to the best of your ability for accurate projections (to learn more on this, visit Using the Recurring Transaction Feature).

The Projected Balances graph includes all expected bills and income over the next 30 days and shows exactly how your balances increase and decrease on any given transaction date. Just hover over any blue circle on the graph to view your upcoming bill or income and the Projected Balance on that date. Simple, right?!

How to View Projected Balances:

1. Hover over the left side panel and click Transactions.
2. Select your desired account.
3. Click Projected Balances in the upper right corner to display the graph.
4. Hover over any circles to see upcoming transactions.

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