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Getting Started in Quicken Simplifi
Getting Started in Quicken Simplifi

Learn the basics to getting started with Quicken Simplifi

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Welcome to Quicken Simplifi! In this article, we'll cover the Getting Started phase of Quicken Simplifi. During your initial sign-in, Simplifi will ask a few questions about you and your current finances.

Looking for Tips and Tricks to using Quicken Simplifi? You can learn about new features and best practices on our blog! If you prefer a tutorial, check out our YouTube channel for How-To videos.

Note: At this time, you must add an account to move forward in the Getting Started process and access Quicken Simplifi. If you prefer to add a manual account instead of connecting your accounts, you can learn how to do so here!

Step 1: Adding Accounts

Since Quicken Simplifi is designed to give you a consolidated view, you’ll start by adding your accounts. You can add connected or manual accounts, and if you miss one, you can always add it once you’re done with Getting Started.

Step 2: Confirm your Bills and Income

After adding your accounts, Quicken Simplifi will ask about your expected Bills and Income. Quicken Simplifi will automatically review your downloaded transactions and you'll be presented with a list of possible recurring items. You can easily deselect any of the transactions presented, as well as add any additional transactions as needed.

Quicken Simplifi will then use this information to create Recurring Transactions, which are used to build your monthly Spending Plan, as well as your Projected Cash Flow. When Quicken Simplifi knows what to expect, it can help you predict your future account balances.

Suppose you miss a Bill or Income transaction during this phase, no need to worry! You can always add or edit your Recurring Transactions through the Settings menu in Quicken Simplifi at any time.

Once you've confirmed your Recurring Bills and Income, Quicken Simplifi will take you to the Dashboard.

Step 3: Using Quicken Simplifi

In Quicken Simplifi, we like to make things easy and simple -- this includes navigation! So here’s a quick breakdown of the Menu options:

  • Dashboard: Think of this as your home page -- every time you sign in, you’ll be taken to this view. The Dashboard gives you a quick snapshot of your finances.

  • Transactions: Here, you can find your accounts and manage your transactions.

  • Spending Plan: See your Bills and Income, other planned expenses, and what you have left to spend for the month.

  • Bills & Payments: Get a glance at what's coming up in the near future.

  • Watchlist: Create and manage mini-budgets that help you track and monitor specific spending areas.

  • Reports: You can come here when you need an in-depth look at your spending.

  • Investments: Check out how your holdings are performing!

  • Goals: Manage your Savings Goals and see how close you are to that new car or summer vacation!

  • Refresh: Update your accounts to bring in any new transactions.

  • Settings: Manage your Accounts, Categories, Recurring Transactions, Notification settings, and Transaction Rules.

  • Help Center: Search Support Articles or access one of our amazing Quicken Simplifi Coaches!

  • Notifications: Click here to see any notifications that you've received.

  • Profile: Here, you can sign out of Quicken Simplifi, access our Help Articles and Community, check out your Achievements, and manage your Quicken Simplifi Account.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I erase my data and start over

While Quicken Simplifi does not have a feature that will delete all of your data, you can manually delete all of your accounts to start over. Our support article here has more details!

If you need any assistance with Getting Started in Quicken Simplifi, our Coaches are happy to help! Click here to learn how to contact us!

To learn more about Getting Started on the Quicken Simplifi Mobile App, please click here!

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