Manual Transactions 101

Review the limitations of manual transactions.

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Quicken Simplifi is designed to be directly connected with your bank to help track your balances and transactions in real-time. However, while we offer the ability to create and manage manual accounts, you'll miss out on some of the additional features that Quicken Simplifi offers. To learn how to add, edit, delete, split, and attach receipts to your manual transactions, click here.

Things to Note

Below you'll find a list of things to note when entering manual transactions.


When adding a manual transaction to a connected account, the transaction's status will automatically default to "Pending." For the pending status to be removed from that transaction, you'd have to manually change the status to "Cleared."

When adding a manual transaction in a manual account, such as a cash account, the status will automatically default to "Cleared".


When adding manual transactions to a connected account, the balance is only affected if the transaction is in a "Pending" status. In Quicken Simplifi, when you connect your accounts, the balance displayed will always be the bank balance plus any pending transactions.

Since we don't receive a bank balance for a manual account, you would need to maintain the account's balance by manually adding transactions.

To learn more about how Quicken Simplifi calculates balances, please click here.

Transaction Rules:

With Transaction Rules, you can easily manage the Payees and Categories of your downloaded transactions. However, Transaction Rules don't apply to manually-entered transactions.

To learn more about Transaction Rules, please click here.


With the Refund Tracker, you can easily track expected refunds in Quicken Simplifi. However, manual transactions cannot be linked to Refunds at this time.

To learn more about using the Refund Tracker, please click here.

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