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How Does Quicken Simplifi Connect to My Bank?
How Does Quicken Simplifi Connect to My Bank?

Learn how Quicken Simplifi connects to your financial institutions

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Here at Quicken Simplifi, we like to make things easy. So, Quicken Simplifi communicates directly with your bank on your behalf. The days of having to sign in to your bank's website to download your transactions manually are in the past. Quicken Simplifi does all the work for you!

How Does This Work?

  • You'll be asked to provide Quicken Simplifi with the login information you use when signing into your bank's website to connect your accounts.

  • We use a one-way connection, meaning data is imported into Quicken Simplifi, but Quicken Simplifi cannot affect your transactions or balances in any way.

  • Access and retrieval of data is automated through the use of nightly updates. Our aggregation partner logs in to your bank's website on your behalf during these updates. Generally, this happens once a day and outside of business hours. Because of this, you may notice login activity on your bank's website overnight.

  • Your encrypted login credentials are stored on our aggregation partner's servers. This makes updates faster for you.

  • Your financial data is stored on Quicken-hosted servers. This provides a complete history of your financial transactions than is typical for data stored on bank servers.

  • Both Quicken Simplifi and our aggregation partner uses state-of-the-art security measures to protect your login credentials and your financial data.

Note: If you are experiencing an issue while connecting to your bank, click here to take a look at our top bank download solutions or check out our Quicken Simplifi Community to see if the error you are encountering has been reported and being worked on!

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