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Learn about adding your accounts using the Quicken Simplifi Mobile App

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Since Quicken Simplifi is designed to consolidate all of your accounts in one place, the first step you'll want to take is adding your bank accounts. You can choose to connect your accounts to the bank for automatic transaction download, or you can also track them manually. Adding your bank accounts using the Quicken Simplifi Mobile App is a breeze!

Note: To see all of the Account Types that are currently supported in Quicken Simplifi, please check out our article here!

Add a Connected Account

  1. Click the Menu icon (the three lines in the upper left corner).

  2. Select Accounts.

  3. Click the plus (+) button in the upper right.

  4. If your bank is already shown, you can click on the image to select it, or just begin typing the name of the bank into the Search bar to let Quicken Simplifi find it.

  5. Enter the User ID and Password you use to sign in to your bank's website, then click Link Account.

  6. Quicken Simplifi will locate the account(s) associated with your User ID and Password and will display the Account Name and Type, as well as a checkbox to add or ignore each account. You can disregard any of your accounts by unchecking the box to the right of the account name. You can edit the name of the account by clicking the pencil icon.

  7. Click Confirm when finished.

Once done, the selected account(s) will show in your Accounts List.

Add a Manual Account

If the bank you want to add is not listed, you can still add it manually.

  1. Click the Menu icon (the three lines in the upper left corner).

  2. Select Accounts.

  3. Click the plus (+) button in the upper right.

  4. Select Add manual account.

  5. Enter an Account Name, and select an Account Type. You can also enter a Balance and an "as-of" Date for the account.

  6. Click Confirm when finished.

Note: Manual investment accounts will not start with an opening balance. To learn how to add holdings or cash to a manual investment account, please click here.

The manual account will now show in your Accounts List. Since the account is manual, the Transaction Activity will be blank, but you can start adding transactions whenever you're ready! For more details on adding transactions in Quicken Simplifi, please click here.

Add an Additional Account with an Existing Bank

If you'd like an add an additional account with an existing bank, you can do so by following the Add Account flow above, and then Quicken Simplifi will let you know which accounts are already connected and which accounts are available to add.

Note: If you'd like to update your login information for an existing account/bank instead, please be sure to take a look at our Support Article here.

Link a New Account to an Existing Connected Account

A time may come when you're presented with the need to re-link existing accounts in Quicken Simplifi. This could be because we need to re-establish a connection with your bank or if you need to link a new credit card number to an existing connected credit card account.

If you're not automatically prompted to reconnect your new account, you'll want to reset the connection for the financial institution by following the steps listed here. Once the new account is presented as available to add, you'll want to carefully link it to the existing Quicken Simplifi account by following the steps here.

If you need some help updating your bank login information, click here!

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn the answers to frequently asked questions for this topic!

What account types are supported in Quicken Simplifi?

To see a full list of all of the account types Quicken Simplifi has to offer, please click here!

How often does Quicken Simplifi update my accounts?

Your accounts will automatically refresh when you sign into Quicken Simplifi, and you can also manually refresh them. However, Quicken Simplifi will only reach out to your bank once every 4-6 hours to retrieve new transactional and balance data. Learn more here!

Why do I need to re-authenticate my bank with every refresh?

Due to increased security measures that have been put in place by some financial institutions, you may be required to perform MFA with every account refresh in Quicken Simplifi. While we understand that this can be frustrating, these security measures are in place to protect you and your financial data. Please see here for more info!

How do I manually refresh my accounts in Quicken Simplifi?

On the Quicken Simplifi Web App, you can select the 'Refresh' icon from the left-hand navigation bar, and on the Quicken Simplifi Mobile App, you can pull down on the screen to refresh your accounts, as well as sync data between the two Apps. Please note that Quicken Simplifi will only reach out to your bank once every 4-6 hours to retrieve new transactional and balance data.

How does Quicken Simplifi calculate my balance?

Quicken Simplifi automatically deducts pending transactions from the balance provided by your bank, however, there are also some settings to disable this when needed. Find out more here!

Does Quicken Simplifi have a running balance column?

Quicken Simplifi does not currently offer a running balance column; you can read more in our Support Article here. We apologize for any inconvenience!

Can I reconcile my accounts in Quicken Simplifi?

Although Quicken Simplifi doesn't currently offer an official reconciliation feature, you can easily use the Reviewed option to review your transactions one by one! Please be sure to check out our Support Article here for more details.

How do I track cash in Quicken Simplifi?

The best way to track your cash in Quicken Simplifi is to create a manual "Cash" account, and then manually track your cash transactions as they take place. We have a Support Article available here that has more info on tracking cash in Quicken Simplifi!

Can I track my loans in Quicken Simplifi?

Absolutely! When you connect your loan accounts in Quicken Simplifi, you won't see transactions, but you'll receive updated balances from the bank. However, you can also track your loan accounts and transactions manually. Please see here for more details!

Can I track my assets in Quicken Simplifi?

Quicken Simplifi is a great place to keep track of your assets! Adding your various assets to Quicken Simplifi will also help offset any applicable loans when viewing your Net Worth, such as tracking the value of your home against the mortgage. Our Support Article here has more info on tracking assets in Quicken Simplifi!

If your bank isn't listed, you can learn how to request it here! If you're having other connectivity trouble, please check out our Support Article here, or contact our amazing Support Team!

To learn about adding accounts on the Quicken Simplifi Web App, please click here!

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